About Me

Hi there, welcome to MyMindMyMemories !

My name is Ayan. I am a hobby blogger. I try to pen down my thoughts whenever I can. They say that your childhood passion comes back to you again if you sincerely wish so. When I was young I was very fond of writing, and now I am with my new-found love once again.

My blog is all about sharing my mind and my memories with you. I have so far spent quite an eventful life which has had its fair proportion of joy, sorrows, highs and lows. If you are someone who likes to travel through the different shades of life, I might connect with you quickly.

Here you will find some travelogues, some interesting stories from my life (may be similar to you as well) and some fun-filled fond memories from the past. I have been more attracted to the apparently lesser significant moments in life, to the moments of joy or sorrow which are unexpected and seemingly trivial. My stories are also quite simple, but may be worth a good read.

More About Me

I am from Kolkata, the eternal City of Joy and the quintessential abode of the progressive Bengali individual. just having touched fifty, married to the lovely lady of my love for the past twenty-three summers, father to a youthful twentyone-year old, I lead a contended life as I watch myself age gracefully.

I did my Bachelors in Engineering in the early nineties. Since then, I have been into the industrial engineering environment in different roles. I have worked in shop-floor production, have worked with engineering consultants and also with industrial plant builders. Over the years, I have consciously amended my role towards more of hand-holding, coaching and mentoring individuals, sharing experiences, deep diving into problems and leading people towards solutions. Sometimes the apparent moments of frustration and despair creeps in, I manage to cajole myself out of it with the usual doses of self-motivation.

I am quite a laid-back person. Always have wished that I could balance both sides of the coin, but never could really do so. I fancy myself to perceive situations from a different angle which sometimes may appear cynical – but, nevertheless, I always look for the undertones and try to read more into them. I have always been interested in subtleties of life – be it in literature, sports or music.

That is me, then. May be you will like my stories, thanks for that. If not, thanks again for your patience.